Park and charge with EasyPark

Together with EasyPark, we have made it easy for you who are not an E.ON customer to park and charge your electric car. Using EasyPark’s parking app, you can now pay for both parking and charging in one go. The app also shows you where to find the nearest charging spot and if the spot is available.

You pay DKK 5.55 per kWh, and you choose the amount of time you want to park and charge in advance with the option to extend the charging and parking time. The price for parking may vary depending on area, but the charging price remains the same everywhere.

Do you already have an E.ON charging subscription?

If you already have a charging subscription from E.ON, you only pay for parking with the EasyPark app and charge your car as usual with your E.ON charge card.

Where can you charge and park with EasyPark?

You can use the EasyPark app on all E.ON public chargers in Denmark. You only pay for parking, if it is required.

EasyPark and E.ON already have a similar collaboration in Sweden and we plan to expand to other countries.

The EasyPark app can be downloaded for both iPhones, Android and Microsoft Phones in App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

How to park and charge your electric car by using EasyPark’s app

  1. Launch the EasyPark app
  2. Choose “Area” or “Map”
  3. Locate the charger you want to use and choose it
  4. Choose whether you would like to charge from “Socket 1” or “Socket 2”. If you are not able to choose any of the options, then the charger is not available.
  5. If you want to charge from an E.ON quick charger, you must choose between Type 2 AC, CCS, CHAdeMO DC or CCS DC. If you are not able to choose any, then the charger is not available.
  6. Turn the wheel to choose the amount of time you want to charge. When you have chosen your charging time, press “Start”

You will then be asked to confirm your charging. The total amount you have to pay for charging will also appear. When you press “OK”, you are able to connect your electric car to the charger with your charge cable. Once the car is connected properly the charging will begin automatically.

Once your charging time has expired, you will receive a notification on your phone, and you can choose to get a receipt sent to your e-mail.

Download the EasyPark app