How to charge in our public network as an E.ON customer:


  • Swipe your E.ON charge card
  • Plug the charging cable into the chargin station
  • Then Insert the charging cable into your car
  • Check that the car charges for about 30 seconds before leaving it


  • First of all, check that the charging cable is properly plugged into the charging station
  • Swipe your E.ON charge card
  • Now unplug the charging cable from the charging station
  • Then unplug the charging cable from your car

Quickcharge / UFC:
For Quickcharging or Ultra Fast Charging please follow the instructions on the screen.

How to charge and pay by credit card

Use our direct payment on our map here. Choose charger and press the red "Charge now" button (scroll down). Click on credit card payment. Price: 5,55 kr. per kWh.

How to charge with EasyPark app

Download EasyPark app and pay for both parking and charging - or only charging. Price 5,55 kr. per kWh.


Need help?

You are always welcome to contact our customer support - fill in our form here.