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Charge on the Go

Charge on the Go

1,300 public charging spots with electricity from renewable energy sources.

As an E.ON customer, you can charge your electric car in the largest charging network in Denmark. You gain access to 1,300 public charging points and quick chargers along the highways. The electricity in our network is from renewable energy sources.

Contact our customer service team and get the charging solution that fits you.

How to get access to an E.ON charger

If you’re not an E.ON customer but wishes to use our charger you have two options:

  1. Choose the public E.ON charger you wish to use, call our customer support on + 45 70 27 05 77 and they will open the charger for you at a fixed price of 249,- DKK for one single charge.
  2. Gain access to our public charger by using the EasyPark App. With the EasyPark app you pay 5.25 DKK pr. kWh.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer support team on +45 70 27 05 77 or via e-mail



If you have any questions, you are very much welcome to contact our customer support via e-mail or by telephone +45 70 27 05 77

This page is last updated 23 January 2018